The NWPA Oil and Gas Hub Taskforce

In 2009, Keystone Community Education Council, along with the Oil Region Alliance, brought leaders of education, economic development, industry and local government together to form the Northwest PA Oil and Gas HUB . The HUB developed a systematic plan to provide the communities of the Northwest Region with

  1. the information and programs needed to educate the community about the industry,
  2. provide local businesses with information on how to do business with oil and gas companies,
  3.  present information on natural gas vehicles and the effects of CNG and LNG on the transportation industry,
  4.  facilitate programs to provide information about the proposed the Cracker Plant and what it will mean to manufacturing in PA,
  5.  and has scheduled informational seminars to inform businesses and the public about how energy can be produced economically by natural gas.

Connect with the HUB

Inform yourself and others about the industry and the opportunities available.
Collaborate with the HUB and its partners.
Engage with the HUB by participating in events.