The NWPA Oil and Gas Hub

The NWPA Oil and Gas Hub is a collaborative professional resource partnership that exists to promote regional expansion and development of the petro-chemical industry for the economic revitalization of Northwest PA and the surrounding areas.

In 2009, the Hub began bringing together leaders of education, economic development, industry and local government. A plan was developed to provide:

  1. information and programs needed to educate communities and businesses about the petro-chemical industry;
  2. supply chain businesses with instruction on how to do business with oil and gas companies; and
  3. facilitation of programs about the impact of the Petrochemical/Cracker Plant (currently under construction in Monaca, PA) on manufacturing in PA.


Governor Wolf said, “Pennsylvania has a once-in-a generation opportunity to develop and implement a strategy that will cultivate a manufacturing renaissance and transform our economy across the Commonwealth. The foundation for building a diverse and robust petrochemical and plastics industry was initiated with the decision by Shell Chemicals to invest in Pennsylvania-and we must ensure that we make the most of this chance to create good paying jobs for Pennsylvanians.”

The Time for Action is NOW!

The recently released IHS Markit study and report, Prospects to Enhance Pennsylvania’s Opportunities in Petrochemical Manufacturing, was commissioned by the Team Pennsylvania Foundation in partnership with DCED. It was designed to help Pennsylvania maximize the in-state economic benefits of PA’s natural gas resources to generate new, high paying manufacturing jobs, attract investment, grow the supply chain and output in the plastics sector, and generate state and local revenue.
From this report we know:

  • 10,000 unconventional wells drilled in PA
  • PA is the 2nd largest producer of natural gas in the US
  • $12 Billion Pipeline Buildout (8 major)
  • Shell Cracker Plant construction in Beaver County with the potential for 3 – 4 additional plants in the tri-state region of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • 30% cost advantage for ethane compared to the US Gulf Coast by 2030
  • HDPE and LLDPE use in Western PA
  • PA proximity to end users of polyethylene

What Is Being Done to Capitalize on This Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity?

Since inception, the Hub has hosted numerous events to support those efforts. Most recently in March 2017, the Hub hosted a sold-out (over 400 attendees) forum featuring speakers from SW Louisiana, PA DCED, PIOGA and the Marcellus Shale Coalition called the “Regional Impact of the Petrochemical/Cracker Plant on Western PA”. This highly successful event focused on educating attendees about the opportunities ahead for PA businesses and communities with the construction of the Shell Cracker Plant located in Monaca (Beaver County), PA.

Building on that momentum, Hub partners have continued to meet to redefine the mission and develop a regional strategic plan with short- and long-terms goals to realize the maximum benefit of this investment for Pennsylvania businesses, citizens, and communities.

What can you do to support Hub goals?

  • Inform yourself and others about the industry and the opportunities available.
  • Collaborate with the Hub and its partners.
  • Engage with the Hub by participating in events.
  • Share the message. Support and promote the Hub.
  • Fund Hub efforts.If you are interested in connecting with the NW Oil and Gas Hub please contact:
  • Lance Hummer, (814) 677-4427,

Connect with the HUB

Inform yourself and others about the industry and the opportunities available.
Collaborate with the HUB and its partners.
Engage with the HUB by participating in events.


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